The menu of White has stayed true to its international fusion roots, whether it’s a zesty Kiwi Salmon side order or a succulent Risotto Porcini dish. A new sushi menu expands the choice of food for guests, along with an updated cocktail menu. White’s food menu reflects the venue in the type of clientele. The menu focuses on an international selection of light appetizers, freshly rolled sushi, exquisite salads and hearty pastas.

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Drinks & Food

Sophisticated and cool yet cheerily bubbly, this drink is made for the urbane socialite. Neon green served in a martini glass, the combination of fresh mint and cucumber with sweet Hypnotiq and sour limejuice, topped off with a shot of Perrier is well, electric.

A cocktail for the hopelessly romantic. Cranberry juice and fresh grapes and red berries are mixed with cherry brandy and sugar and cherry syrups to create a red-hot combination. Much like love can sometimes be, this drink is bitter but leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

Nothing screams summer quite like slurping rum from a pineapple. A dash of angostura and splash of Malibu mixed with fresh pineapple and coconut juice make this drink your ultimate choice for a seasonal cocktail.

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